I created this website as a necessary transparent and objective tool to monitor all the promises that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s team made during their electoral campaigns. Indeed those promises are long-term goals of improving the quality of our population’s financial as well as health situation and I am not here to judge the nature of these promises listed on this website copied from the 100 days agenda of the winning party. This website is a tool to verify compliance or non-compliance of the new government to their commitments.

There is a discussion space available on each section on this website allowing you all to comment on compliance with each of the promises, as well as express their opinion on the difficulties governance can face in achieving the promises. I believe a tool of such a kind should have existed long ago and the population should hold the government accountable and keep an eye on their commitments.

This website is developed by me, Salman Saeed, as a minor contribution to a better democracy. I am aware of the possibility of making mistakes in the content on this website and am open to receiving comments, suggestions, and contributions to improve the information on this website and help achieve its objective more effectively. You can fill in the contact form to get in touch.

But, to update each promise, the content is taken from a news source so for any mis-information or false information, that news source is responsible and not Salman Saeed or anyone else from Khan Meter’s team.

I would very much like to add a thought here that we ourselves have to build the NAYA PAKISTAN we voted for, and the new state government is just there to make sure nothing comes in our way.

Pakistan Zindabad!

Imran Khan’s picture credit: Kamran Khan