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Launching Policy Framework to Build 5 Million Houses

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf promised in their 100 days agenda:

Launch the Prime Minister’s Housing programme, to build 5 million housing units for the middle and lower income segments in 5 years through the private sector. This will boost industry, create jobs and provide shelter.

You can read these promises in the 100 Days agenda document released by PTI available HERE in English and HERE in Urdu.

Below are the actions by Imran Khan and his Governance as a step towards fulfilling this promise:

Update 1:

Recently, at the federal cabinet’s meeting, the spokesperson touched the point of building 5 million houses and how the task force is being awaited to present their plan in 90 days. Te mention of this promise at the meeting shows governance’ interest still on point and hence we should expect this promise to be IN PROGRESS.