Governance Achieved

Initiate Civil Services Reform

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf promised in their 100 days agenda:

Appoint the most suitable officers in the federal bureaucracy purely on merit. Simultaneously, constitute a taskforce that delivers a blueprint to transform Pakistan’s civil services by ensuring tenure protection and an accountability mechanism to improve credibility, in order to attract and retain the best talent in the country.

You can read these promises in the 100 Days agenda document released by PTI available HERE in English and HERE in Urdu.

Below are the actions by Imran Khan and his Governance as a step towards fulfilling this promise:

Update 1:

Last night (19th August, 2018), Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke to the nation and he mentioned getting a task force under Dr. Ishrat Hussain who will initiate Civil Services Reform. So I am changing its status to ‘IN PROGRESS’ and I will update it later after Dr. Ishrat Hussain update us on who will be in the task force and what is their plan for initiating Civil Services Reform.

Covered on The News:

The promise in PTI’s 100 Days agenda says that they will ‘Initiate’ the civil services reform and actually Dr. Ishrat Hussain (appointed for this task) is a well known personality in this field. For now, I will change its status to IN PROGRESS and hope to see another positive step taken for this promise so I can change it to ACHIEVED.

Update 2:

Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved constitution of the Task Force on Civil Service Reforms and the Task Force on Austerity and Restructuring of the Government.

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